The Wooden Church on the Hill, Ieud


The church is located in Ieud in Maramureş County.


Hiding in the picturesque landscapes of Maramureş is the Ieud village. The village is a real open-air museum taking pride in its two wooden churches, one of them being the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother on the Hill. The exact year of the construction is unknown but it’s thought to be 1717, one year after the Tatar assault.

The church distinguishes itself with its unique elegance, and it’s considered to be an example of the embodiment of the Maramureş style. The mural is painted directly on wood and it has been restored many times throughout the years.

In Ieud you can also visit the Church from the Valley, the Jewish cemetery or the small Village Museum. If you are in Ieud on the first Saturday after Assumption of Mary (August 15th) you can take part in the running competition “Maratonul Ursoii“.

Did you know?

The Codex of Ieud was discovered in the church’s attic and is thought to be the oldest document proving the use of the Romanian language despite the fact that the alphabet is Cyrillic.

Conservation facts

The church is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1999 together with seven other churches from Maramureş.

Its state of preservation is good even though the mural painting is showing signs of advanced degradation.




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