Rodnei Mountains National Park


The Rodnei Mountains National Park is in an area belonging to the Borşa, Moisei and Săcel towns. It can be visited all year round. In Borşa there is an information and visitor centre which can be the starting point of your adventure. Please note that for adventure activities, it is required to have a good physical condition and proper gear. The park has warning and info boards, trails and roads, observation points, thematic trails and camping sites with fire places.

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As the second largest national park in Romania, Rodnei Mountains National Park includes various landscapes, fauna, flora or speleological areas (Pietrosu Mare, Daffodil Meadow from Saca Massif, Piatra Rea, Ineu-Lala).

The villages located in the northern part of the Park, those belonging to the historical area of Maramureş, are known for their craftsmen in wood and for preserving the old customs and traditions. Those from the southern part, from the Năsăud area, are known for their traditional costumes and also for the cultural events that take place here every year.

The Rodnei Mountains are an excellent site for those who love nature and air activities. The main activities here are hikes (with 18 trails to choose from), mountain biking (in Şanţ- Blaznea Valley and Rodna- Wine Valley areas), paragliding or caving. Winter sports can be done in Borşa and Blazna Valley, while Sângeorz-Băi is suitable for those who seek relaxation.

Did you know?

Rodnei Mountains National Park is well-known for the diversity of its glacial relief, with 67 lakes and numerous glacial valleys. Izvorul Albastru al Izei Cave (2.5 km long) impresses with its remarkable galleries and waterfalls.

Conservation facts

The Rodnei Mountains National Park is a vulnerable area due to the fact that it was affected by many illegal activities such as deforestation, poaching or unsuitable forms of tourism.

The massive forests are home to over 150 bird species (65 of them nesting here). In order to preserve the endangered species, special attention must be given to them during spring.

In the winter time, the forests are haven for some migratory bird species.