Şurdeşti Wooden Church


The church is located in Şurdeşti village, Maramureş County.


Approximately 20 km away from Baia Mare, in the Chioarului region, you have the chance to stop in Şurdeşti village where you can admire the imposing wooden Church of the Holy Archangels.

Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with seven other wooden churches from Maramureş, the church built in 1721 and is 72 meters tall.

Built from oak beams with a double roof, the church is built in the style of the wooden churches from the Maramureş area. The interior murals were painted in 1783.

If you find yourselves here you cannot miss the wooden church from Plopiş, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Did you know?

The tower of the church is 54 m tall while the total height of the church reaches 72 m.

Due to its size, the church is considered to be one of the tallest wooden constructions in Romania and Europe.

Conservation facts

In 1999 the church was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List together with seven other wooden church from the Maramureş region.




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