Plopiş Wooden Church


The church is located in Plopiş in Maramureş County.


On Chioara Land in the Cavnic Valley amidst pastures and meadows you will discover Plopiş village. At its centre you will find the Saint Archangels Church, an impressive architectural wooden gemstone.

Built at the end of the 18th century from solid oak beams arranged in the blockbau system, the church impresses with its exterior embellishments carved in wood, its high tower and its balanced and harmonious proportions.

The original interpretation of these features is the reason why it has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nearby you can admire another UNESCO monument, the church from Şurdeşti and in the Cavnic Valley you can go hiking, walking or cycling.

Did you know?

The church was built in two years (1796-1798) by the villagers from Plopiş who are very well-known for their woodcraft.

Conservation facts

The church underwent many restorations meant to preserve it, the last one being done in the 1990’s.

The painted frescoes were the ones that suffered the most. Painted in 1811 in pink, red and blue hues they can now only be seen on the south of the nave’s vault.




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