Form of state & population

Romania is a national, sovereign and independent, unitary and indivisible state, its principles based on those of constitutional democracy.

Covering 238,391 square kilometers (92,043 sq mi), Romania has 41 counties (județe, pronounced “judets”), each having its own administration.

The legislative aspect consists of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, both being chambers of the Parliament.

Romania is member of almost all  UN organizations, a member of NATO since March 29th, 2004 and of the UE since January 1st, 2007.

From a population of 20 million inhabitants, almost 88% are Romanians. Other nationalities include Hungarians, Roma, Germans, Russians, Serbians, and Turks. About 87% of the population is Christian Orthodox, 5% Catholic, and the rest are of different denominations.