The Holy Archangels Wooden Church in Rogoz


The church is located in Rogoz, Maramureş County.


In the Lăpuş region, in the centre of Rogoz village, you will discover the wooden Church of the Holy Archangels which due its uniqueness was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Built in 1633, it has an asymmetrical roof, a richly embellished door, while the end of its beams are each carved with the head of a horse. The murals observed in the nave and pronaos date back to 1785.

Also located in the centre of the village is the second wooden church from Rogoz, the Saint Paraschiva Church.

Furthermore in Rogoz village you can visit the Lăpuş Region Museum where you can admire traditional textiles, but also different tools from authentic households.

This area is ideal for walks or hikes along the Lăpuş gorge or discovering authentic Maramureşean houses.

Did you know?

The church was built in 1663 after the Tatar assault.

Conservation facts

The wooden church is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, along with seven other churches from Maramureş.




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