Bârsana Monastery


The monastery is located on Iza Valley in Bârsana village within the historical region of Maramureş. If you are in Bârsana you have to visit Toader Bârsan’s house, a local craftsman. You can buy authentic wooden souvenirs and you can also listen to his wonderful stories.


The first acknowledgment of the Bârsana Monastery dates back to the year 1390 in a document which refers to the properties of the family of voivode Dragoş.

The present ensemble was built in 1993 on the site of the old monastery which was demolished in 1791.

In order to save the church of the old monastery, it was moved on Jbâr Hill and it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The present construction was built in the spirit of the local tradition and it’s one of the most beautiful in Maramureş. It has many buildings of architectural value like the carved Maramureşean wooden gate, the wooden church, a summer altar, the mothers houses, various workshops, and also a small icon and old books museum.

If are in Bârsana you can entertain yourselves with various activities like hiking, cycling, or  walks. You will also find accommodation suitable for everybody’s tastes.

Did you know?

Due to its 57 meters height, the church of the Bârsana Monastery is considered to be one of the highest wooden construction in Europe.

Conservation facts

The whole ensemble of Bârsana Monastery is in a very good state of preservation.




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