Eco Maramureş


Nowhere will you better understand the essence of Maramureş than in the ecotourism destination of Eco Maramureş.

In an exceptional natural setting, the villages anchored in eternity, with their remarkable people, the old wooden churches and conscientiously preserved traditions, will fascinate you and get deeply rooted in your mind.

The excellent bicycle and hiking trails, plus the many possibilities of accommodation in traditional guesthouses, amplify any experience lived in this ecotourism destination.


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You will discover the ecotourism destination of Eco Maramureş lost in time and space in the heart of historic Maramureş in the valleys of the Cosău and Mara rivers, majestically hidden south of the Creasta Cocoşului nature reserve. Perhaps the best way to understand Eco Maramureş is to walk on foot or ride a bicycle from one village to another.

Along this very pleasant road, you’ll cross unspoiled landscapes, unpaved roads, hills and fertile meadows, while observing the simple and ancient life of the country. You will meet shepherds and peasants on fields or elders sitting on a bench in front of the gate, happy to share with you stories about the history of these places. 

Going through this rite of passage, you should not overlook the houses with traditional architecture, today increasingly threatened by modernism, the traditional wood-carved gates, but especially the old wooden churches, like those of Budeşti Josani or Deseşti, both on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Vacations are always too short, but if you spend a few days here, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit a traditional craftsmen workshop or take part in the household chores of the boarding house where you stay. The spiritual life of Maramureş is full of rituals, especially around the great Christian celebrations such as Christmas or Easter, when you have the chance to see the locals wear their traditional costumes.

The Eco Maramureş ecotourism destination also offers many opportunities for an active holiday. Pack your backpack and hike in the Creasta Cocoşului nature reserve and if you prefer more adventure, you can try paragliding or climbing. Any visit to Eco Maramureş should also include tastings of traditional dishes and drinks.

As most locals are involved with traditional farming, here you will find many culinary delights based on natural products from their own households such as dairy products, meat, vegetables or fruits. Every meal will be accompanied by the traditional drink called "horinca".



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Complete part of or the entire Maramureş Heritage’s Green Road , a beautiful 88 km long trail along which you can discover either on foot or by bicycle. This road brings together no less than seven protected areas and seven traditional villages, a truly remarkable destination.

Good to know

  • The easiest way to get to Maramureş is by plane or  by train to Baia Mare, after which you can rent a car, a motorcycle or even a bicycle. The village of Breb is a good starting point to discover this region.
  • Traditional guesthouses are found in most villages, most of them in Breb, Budeşti, Deseşti or Ocna Şugatag.
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  • Bicycles can be rented in Baia Mare, on Str. Victoriei nr 3, and in Ocna Şugatag on Str. Unirii nr 87.
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