Rohia Monastery


The church is located in Rohia village in Maramureş County.




You will discover the Rohia Monastery of Saint Anne in a picturesque landscape at an altitude of 500 m in the Lăpuş region not far away from Târgu Lăpuş. Built in 1923 it represents a well-known destination of pilgrimage in Maramureş.

The dream-like natural landscape in which this valuable church is placed will charm its visitors beyond any doubt.

The monument’s impressive heritage includes the church, the catacomb church, the chapel, Nicolae Steinhardt's cell, a valuable library, a museum as well as a monumental Maramureşean wooden gate. In the small museum you can admire collections of old books, icons painted on wood and glass, and also flowers and ethnographic exhibits from the Lăpuş region.

Did you know?

Nicolae Steinhardt, the author of the well-known book “Jurnalul fericirii” (“The Happiness Notebook”) spent his life at the Rohia Monastery.

Conservation facts

The entire monastery is in a good state of preservation.




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