The Wooden Church of Breb


The church is located in Breb village in Maramureş County.


In the historical region of Maramureş, at the foothills of Gutâi Mountain you will find Breb village in a fairy-tale like scenery. Seemingly separated from the rest of the world and known mainly by the foreign tourists the Breb village impresses through its archaism and simplicity of life.

In this village you can find one of the most interesting and old wooden churches from Maramureş, the Church of the Holy Archangels. It was built in Breb in 1622. Its tower is actually older dating back to the year 1531 while its murals, barely visible today, are from 1626.

Here you can also admire a remarkable collection of hundreds year old icons.

The church is a meeting place for the villagers who gather here at each Orthodox celebration and quickly fill up the small church and church yard .

To catch the village atmosphere you have to get lost in its streets and talk with its welcoming people. You will leave with unforgettable memories!

Did you know?

The wooden tower is the oldest tower of any church in Romania.

Conservation facts

The Holy Archangels wooden church is included on the list of historical monuments of Romania.

The state of conservation is good and the church kept most of its original form since the 1600s.




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