The Holy Archangels Wooden Church of Cupşeni


The church is located in Cupşeni village, Maramureş County.


The wooden church of the Holy Archangels is located in Cupşeni not far from Târgu Lăpuş. The church was most likely built in the 18th century and it was relocated here in 1847.

Though small in size, the church impresses with its well preserved mural paintings and its old heavenly doors. The one eave roof has four small towers at its base, which is a common feature of the churches from the Lăpuş region.

If you are in the area, don’t forget to visit the other wooden church, the Saint Ilie church.

Did you know?

The wooden church of the Holy Archangels was relocated in Cupşeni from Peteritea village.

Conservation facts

The church is included on the list of historical monuments of Romania.




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