Geographical position

Romania is located in the south eastern area of Central Europe, north from the Balkans, in the lower basin of the Danube, with an exit at the Black Sea and the south-eastern branch of the Carpathian Mountains, serving as its spine.

The center of the country is located  17 km north of Fagaras city, at the intersection of the 46 north latitude parallel with a meridian of 25 east longitude. Romania registers in a unique form of perfection on the map of Europe.

It sets itself apart through the balance of its main land features (31% mountains, 36% hills and highland, 38%  meadows and plains)  and its amphitheater lay out. The country lies halfway between the Equator and North Pole, at almost the same distance from the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean and the Ural Mountains, and 1050 km from the Mediterranean Sea, its coordinates being 43°37’07’’ and 48°15’06’’ north latitude and 20°15’44’’ and  29°41’24’’ east longitude.

It covers 238,391 square kilometres (92,043 sq mi), and holds the 13th place for size in Europe and 83 in the world, comparable from this point of view with Great Britain, Laos, Ghana or Minnesota state (USA).