The Wooden Church of Bogdan Vodă


The church is located in Bogdan Vodă, in Maramureş County.


Located in the heart of the historical region of Maramureş, on the Iza Valley, the wooden Church of Saint Nicholas was erected in 1718 in the middle of the village, upon the foundation of an older church. The small church respects the traditional Maramureşean architecture, with the double roof and a squa  steeple with a cone-shaped roof. What makes this church so special is the number of windows. There are a lot in comparison with its size. The inside of the church will impress you with a variety of items such as its murals which date back to the year 1754, the numerous icons painted on wood or glass and the 200 years old wooden chandelier. Once you are here you have to discover the nearby picturesque villages in the Iza Valley like Bârsana, Rozavlea, Strâmtura, Botiza, Ieud or Poienile Izei.

Did you know?

The village Bogdan Vodă, initially called Cuhea, was the residence of voivode Bogdan Vodă. In 1359 this is where he started his journey crossing the Carpathians to establish the voivodeship of Moldova.

Conservation facts

The church is in a good state of conservation as well as the paintings, which in 2006 underwent an intense restoration process. Even though it is one of the most valuable wooden constructions in Bogdan Vodă, it didn’t manage to enter the UNESCO World Heritage list because in its vicinity, another church was built. Therefore the required area of protection around the historical monument (of 100 m) was violated.




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