Maramureş Mountains Natural Park


The Maramureş Mountains National Park is located in the northern part of Maramureş County. It’s difficult to access due to the lack of signs and tourist maps. On the other hand it offers numerous possibilities for the adventure tourism.

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The Maramureş Mountains Natural Park is a protected area and is less known by tourists, which makes it so mysterious. Another factor contributing to this state of mystery are the traditional villages and picturesque natural landscapes.

Here you will get the chance to visit special nature reserves like Farcău Peak- Vinderelu Lake–Mihailecu Peak, Sâlhoi Rocks-Zâmbroslavele or the spectacular Tomnatec–Sehleanu Daffodil Clearing.

In the villages located in the natural park like Repedea, Poienile de sub Munte, Ruscova, Petrova sau Leordina, you will discover the simplicity of the life in the countryside which has not been heavily influenced by modern life.  

Here the locals are involved in logging, animal farming and even tourism. Most of the tourists start their adventure in Vişeu de Sus. This little town is famous since this is the starting point of Mocăniţa, the last logging train pulled by a steam locomotive which climbs the spectacular Vaser Valley.

The traditions and the popular costumes of the region can be admired during various local events like “Ruptul Sterpelor” in Bistra, “The Daffodils Festival” from Repedea, “Up on Vaser Valley” in Vişeu de Sus, “Hora in Prislop” from Prislop Gorge or “The Snow Festival” in Borşa.

Did you know?

The Maramureş Mountains Natural Park is the largest natural park in Romania.

Conservation facts

The Maramureş Mountains Natural Park suffers from human activities such as logging, exploitation of mineral waters or unsuitable forms of tourism. This is the last area where lostriţa (an endemic fish similar to the trout) was seen in a natural habitat and is also home to some endangered flora and animal species.