The Wooden Church of Lăpuş


The church is located in Lăpuş village in Maramureş County.


The Lăpuş village is located in the ethnographic area of the Lăpuş region at the foothills of Ţibleş and Lăpuş Mountains.

The wooden church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary is located in the highest part of the village and has been watching over the locals since 1697.

Modest in size, it has a simple look with a porch, similar to the wooden churches from the Lăpuş region. Its interior impresses with its beams carved in various archaic motives and the partially conserved mural depicting Biblical scenes.

Did you know?

The documents tell us that there were actually two wooden churches in Lăpuş: one in the valley next to the road, and the other on top of the hill, on the higher ground. Presently the only church which survived is the one on top of the hill.

Conservation facts

The church is included on the list of historical monuments of Romania. The last big restoration was done from 2002 to 2004.




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