The Wooden Church of Budeşti-Susani


The church is located in Budeşti, Maramureş County.


Located in the historical region of Maramureş in the Cosău Valley, the wooden Church of St Nicholas was erected in 1760 on top of the hill.

Certain decorative elements like the “imperial doors” are proof that this church was built upon an older structure. Smaller in size than the church in Budeşti-Josani, the Budeşti-Susani Church is impressive with its naive murals which depict various Biblical scenes upon a white background. Another valuable treasure of the church is the glass icon collection. Once you are here you have to discover the nearby villages (Breb, Hoteni, Călineşti, Sârbi) hidden in the picturesque sceneries or venture out on a hike in the Gutâi Mountains or on the Cocoş ridge.

Did you know?

The “imperial doors” have an inscription from the year 1628.

Conservation facts

Over time, many frescoes were affected by smoke, humidity or dampness.




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