In recent years, one of the most important developments in tourism has been the inevitable shift towards responsible travel.

For their part, tourism companies are becoming increasingly aware that the long-term viability of a business requires not only the consideration of commercial needs, but also the pursuit of a positive impact on society and the environment.

We must therefore all be actively involved in understanding and cultivating the idea that sustainability can go hand in hand with comfort and style, and certainly this is true for Romania.


From the desire to support this idea and to facilitate the access of travelers to authentic and environmentally friendly experiences in Romania, we have created the Romanian Journeys platform.

In its content, we have found it necessary to provide useful and accurate information on various tourism resources, largely untapped at their true value, thus contributing to the promotion of sustainable tourism.

At the same time, we considered it necessary to promote those businesses that take an active role in ensuring their long-term sustainability, and we wanted to give them, through this platform, the opportunity to connect with tourists interested in responsible and environmentally friendly journeys. We are open to collaborations with future partners who share our philosophy, who believe in sustainable tourism and who strive to support this vision.

Who are we?

Behind the Romanian Journeys concept it is a small team with great ambitions that share the same values: respect for culture and national heritage, love for nature and the appreciation of beauty and good taste in general.

We strongly believe that Romania, the country where the old provokes the new, and the traditional way of living changes at a rapid pace, should be better known. In such a way we aim to contribute actively to its tourism promotion and, to that end, we apply a wide range of knowledge and skills accumulated over time in relevant areas such as tourism, geography, the environment and sustainable development.

Romanian Journeys Team

Elena Teutsch

Content & Sustainability Manager

Ramona Tofan

Communication & Marketing Manager

Liviu F. Tofan

Business Development Manager

Being aware of the importance of visual presentation, we are proud to collaborate with some of the best photographers who have admirably succeeded in capturing the nature and authenticity of Romania, and we would like to especially thank Dan Dinu, Dragos Asaftei, Călin Stan, Cătălin Chiriloi and Vlad Dumitrescu.

We hope you will find as a personal guide to organizing an unforgettable trip to Romania!

The Romanian Journeys team