The Wooden Church from Bârsana


The church is located on Iza Valley in Bârsana village within Maramureş region. It is situated in an old graveyard on Jbâr Hill but to get here  is a little bit tricky. You have to follow the main road until you reach the sign that points you to the church. That road ends up in front of a house which always has its main gate open. You have to pass through its yard and then continue to climb up the hill which takes you to the church.

When you are in Bârsana you have to visit Toader Bârsan’s house, a local craftsman. You can buy authentic wooden souvenirs from him and you can also listen to his wonderful stories.


Located in the historical region of Maramureş, the wooden Church of the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple in Bârsana is the perfect example of a Maramureşean church. Built in 1720 the church has a special artistic value and it can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Of modest sizes and with a double roof, the church has looked over the lives of its villagers for 200 years from the top of Jbâr Hill, from the middle of the old cemetery.

The wooden church impresses with its interior which still preserves murals of Rococo and Baroque inspiration dating back to the year 1800, and also some pieces of church furniture.

If you are in the area you can enjoy yourselves with various activities like hiking, cycling, or walks. You will also find accommodation suitable for everyone.

Did you know?

The church is the only one from the eight Maramureşean churches enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage which was initially a monastery church.

Conservation facts

The church is in a good state of preservation and the valuable artistic mural was recently restored.




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