Where to Stay

We know each and every one of us is different and after an adventurous day we want to relax in either a cottage, guest house, or a tent under a clear moon, so we gathered here as many accommodations as possible, varied and for all tastes.

We aim to promote quality accommodations with personality, style and charm, whose owners are oriented towards sustainable tourism and apply certain ecological criteria, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the region they live in. We also want to emphasize that sometimes the lack of modern facilities (Internet connection, TV, etc.) in some accommodation structures doesn’t make it possible to classify them in a higher category.

However, this does not spoil any of their qualities, and even exceeds the expectations of many tourists seeking tranquility and disconnection from the everyday routine. Take a look at their profile and decide, depending on the offer and facilities, which best suits your holiday style! Don’t forget when you choose one of these accommodations you will make your own contribution to the sustainable development of the visited region.