The Wooden Church from Botiza


The church is located in Botiza village in Maramureş County.


Botiza is one of the most visited and well-known villages in Maramureş, a place where it seems that time stood still.

The wooden church of Saint Paraschiva, built in 1699 in the classic style of the wooden churches from Maramureş, was moved in Botiza village in the19th century.

Its mural painting depicting floral motifs and its collection of old icons distinguish the church from other wooden churches.

If you are in Botiza you must visit the small village museum where you can admire the famous vegetal carpets or the ones made out of wool while at the beginning of May you must attend the celebration called “Ruptul Sterpelor”.

The surrounding sceneries are lovely and can allure you to go hiking or to relaxation.

Did you know?

The wooden church of Botiza was moved here from Vişeul de Jos village to replace an older church.

Conservation facts

The church is included on the list of historical monuments of Romania.

In 2013 its architecture and painting underwent a complex restoration process.