Where do we start? There are probably a million incredible things to do and see in Romania.

What would you say if you could discover thousands of years of history visiting the Dacian fortresses in Orastie? Or how about the wood civilization in the land of Maramureş? Or Ținutul Zimbrului? How does rowing on the scenic Danube Delta sound? Or perhaps you prefer a visit to the painted or wooden churches included in the UNESCO Heritage? Or at a merry cemetery ? What do you say about a weekend on the shore of the Black Sea? Would you like to venture to the highest hills in the Carpathians? How about rediscovering the history of Transylvania on a tour of the fortified churches?

We could go on and on, so have a look and start exploring the categories below to see the various and fascinating attractions that Romania has to offer.

Many of the natural and even cultural attractions (for example churches) can be visited for free, and where a visiting fee is charged, it’s a modest amount to ensure the conservation of the site.