Understand Romania by going through its history and geography, climate, vegetation and fauna. Here you can find all sorts of useful information that will help you to plan your trip to this fascinating country!

Geographical position

Romania is located in the south eastern area of Central Europe, north from the Balkans, in the lower basin of the Danube, with an exit at the Black Sea and the south-eastern branch of the Carpathian Mountains, serving as its spine. The center of the country is located  17 km north of Fagaras city, at […]

Form of state & population

Romania is a national, sovereign and independent, unitary and indivisible state, its principles based on those of constitutional democracy. Covering 238,391 square kilometers (92,043 sq mi), Romania has 41 counties (județe, pronounced “judets”), each having its own administration. The legislative aspect consists of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, both being chambers of the […]

Understand Romania

Romania represents, like many other countries, an example of millennia-long usage of a complex territory by indigenous people, adapted to the environment in which it was borne and later developed. Because of this link between the people and the land, in order to understand Romania as a country with a specific individuality it is important […]


Due to its position in the south-central part of the continent, Romania has a transitional temperate-continental climate, its landforms playing an important role in the distinction of its climatic regions. Romania’s climate is characterized by some oceanic, continental, scandinavian-baltic, sub mediterranean and pontic influences, as follows: -in the Western part of the country, influences of […]

Plants & Animals

Closely linked with geographical location, landforms and climate, is the world of plants and animals specific to the Romanian territory. Largely influenced by its climate, Romania’s vegetation has a variety of species, characteristic to Western and Central Europe, as well as those in the northern, southern or eastern parts. In Romania’s territory there are two […]


The national currency of Romania is the Leu  (plural “lei”) which in Romanian means “lion”. The currency is officially called RON by banks and exchange offices. The leu’s subdivision is banul: 1 leu=100 bani  The notes that circulate in Romania’s territory have the following values and colours: 1 leu (green), 5 lei (violet), 10 lei […]

Travelling to Romania

TRAVELLING TO ROMANIA It’s very easy to travel to Romania from practically every corner of the world. This is due to its location within the European continent, but also to a wide variety of transportation companies that can bring you here. Travelling by plane Romania has a total of 17 airports, 11 of which are […]

Travelling in Romania

The transport infrastructure in Romania was significantly improved over the last few years, even though some of the roads are not completely rebuilt. There are several highways under construction, but most of them are still not fully functional, with two exceptions: the one linking Bucharest and the Black Sea coast and the one linking Bucharest […]