Pietrosul Mare Nature Reserve


Pietrosu Mare Natural Reserve is located in the Moisei and Borşa area, within Rodna Mountains National Park. The most accessible routes are from Moisei or Borşa. Please watch the weather report before going up the mountain.

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Pietrosu Mare Nature Reserve is known for its variety of meadows ad coniferous forests and for the most spectacular glacial relief in the whole Rodnei Mountains: Buhăescu, Iezerului, Zănoaga Mare, Zănoaga Mică, Rebra or Gropi cirques glaciers. In Pietrosu, Rodnei Massif Pietrosu Mare peak stands out with a height of 2303 m. Below Pietrosu Mare, we find Iezer Lake which is shaped as the map of Romania.

Pietrosu Mare Nature Reserve is perfect for those who are in search of long hikes, many of them choosing to camp in the wild. Along the mountain paths you will discover breathtaking views.

The alpine meadows’ flora is extremely rich and colorful, and the forests have a variety of fauna.

Inside the reserve you may have the chance to encounter a brown bear, a lynx, a black goat, but also an aquila or a mountain rooster.

Did you know?

Pietrosul Rodnei is the highest peak from the Eastern Carpathians.

Conservation facts

Pietrosu Mare Nature Reserve stretches over a 3300 ha surface.

The protected area was founded in 1932 and in 1979 it was included in the UNESCO World programme “Man and Biosphere”.