The Merry Cemetery


The Merry Cemetery is located in Săpânţa in Maramureş County.

Entrance fee: Yes


The Merry Cemetery of Săpânţa is probably one of the most spectacular cemeteries in the world and for sure, the only one bearing this name. The unique blue painted crosses, carved and painted in the Naive style, with short poems comprising details about the lives of the departed, are things that make the Merry Cemetery unique in the world, annually attracting tourists from all over the world.

The brilliant mind behind the Merry Cemetery is the woodcarver Stan Ioan Pătraş. A sculptor, but also a poet and a painter, he started during the 1930s to paint the crosses of the departed locals. In Săpânţa you can also visit his memorial house where you can admire many bas-relief sculptures painted in his style.

Did you know?

The first painted cross by Stan Ioan Pătraş was made in 1935. In 1977, when he passed away, the cemetery administration counted over 700 crosses created by him.

Conservation facts

The Merry Cemetery is a historical monument of national and international value. After the death of Stan Ioan Pătraş, Dumitru Pop, his apprentice, took over in continuing his tradition.




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