Peri-Săpânţa Monastery


The monastery is located in Săpânţa from Maramureş County.


The Peri Monastery was built in 1997 in the middle of a lovely dendrological park with beautiful trees at the northern border of Săpânţa village.

Placing the monastery on the Tisa River’s bank next to the Ukraine’s border was not a  coincidence. It was away to encourage the spiritual connection with the Romanian communities living in the Transcarpathia region.

With a dizzying height, the tower of the monastery, which is considered to be a highlight of the Romanesque style, is visible far beyond the Ukrainian bank of Tisa River.

The monastery is a feast for the eyes with its austere style which respects the characteristics of the wooden churches from Maramureş.

If you are in the area, you have to visit the Merry Cemetery with over 800 hand painted oak crosses.

Did you know?

By being 78 m tall, the monastery is listed in the Guinness World Records as the highest wooden church in the world. In Romania, it is listed as the third highest place of worship after the cathedral in Timişoara and the Roman Catholic Church in Cluj-Napoca.

Conservation facts

Due to the fact that it was recently built (1997) its conservation state is really good.




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