The White Tower in Braşov


The tower is located on Warthe Hill in Braşov. It can be accessed by car on Poienii Alley.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 18: 00

Entrance fee: Yes.


The White Tower completes the four defense tower series of Braşov fortress. Built in the 15th century out of brick and stone, the tower had five wooden galleries and its maintenance was done by the craftsmen of the tin and copper guild. The White Tower has been severely affected by the Great Fire in 1689, which damaged the whole fortress of Braşov. Rebuilt and painted in white, the tower impresses today with its proportions and its architectural lines, representing a picturesque historical monument of Braşov. Inside the tower you can visit the temporary exhibitions promoted by the Braşov County Museum of History.

Did you know?

Due to its strategic location and its five stories, the White Tower was the highest fortification point of the Braşov fortress.

Conservation facts

After years of being left in decay, the White Tower was finally renovated in 1975. At the beginning of the 2000s, the vegetation was cleared and was highlighted through an illuminating system.