Ciucaş Massif


The Ciucaş Massif is framed by the Curvature Carpathians, the southern unit of the Eastern Carpathians. From an administrative territorial point of view, the Ciucaş Massif is located in the counties of Braşov and Prahova.

It can be accessed from the trail which crosses Bratocea Pass located at the border of Prahova and Braşov counties. Accommodations can be found in Cheia Resort, Red Mountain Lodge or the Ciucaş Lodge.

It is advisable to have water when you go up the mountain because water resource is scarce.


The Ciucaş Massif is formed out of two mountain peaks Ciucaş – Bratocea and Gropşoarele-Zăganu which come together in Chiruşca Mountain saddle. The massif stands out through its unique appearance due to the variation of rocks, grooves, forests and green or multicolored meadows. The ruinous relief of the Ciucaş Massif can spur anyone’s imagination, the rocks of all shapes and sizes inspiring names like Babele la Sfat (Old Ladies Council), Big Pans and Small Pans, Goliath's Tower, Red Tower, Draco's Hand, or the Sphinx of the Brotherhood. Of all these cliffs with whimsical  names, there are a few peaks which stand out due their heights such as Ciucaş (1 954 m), Gropşoare (1 883 m) or Tigăile Mari (1 844 m) where many trails will lead you to.

The flora is made up of species characteristic to rocky landscape such as cornflower, rogus, juniper or rhododendron, and the fauna is represented by mammals such as the bear, wild cat, black goat, or by the many birds such as the eagle or mountain eagle.

Every tourist must know that the Ciucaş Massif, the fairy tale mountain of the Carpathian Mountains, offers an irresistible view when it is admired from, the Teleajen Valley. This massif is, without a doubt, an attraction of rare beauty and authenticity, very suitable for strolling along in beautiful weekends.

Did you know?

There are 28 marked tourist trails in the Ciucaş Mountains.

Conservation facts

The bearded eagle, which disappeared about 80 years ago from the Ciucaş Mountains, was the most imposing and majestic eagle in Romania, and was very common in this area.

The disappearance of this bird occurred as a result of massive shooting in the 1930s. It seems that it was recently seen in the Mehedinţi Mountains area, and hope flourished once again that it will regain its natural habitat in the Ciucaş Mountains.