Dumbrăviţa-Rotbav-Măgura Codlei Nature Reserve –Carpathians Delta


You can access the Reserve from Dumbrăviţa, Codlea and Rotbav villages in Braşov County.

You can acquire various brochures and maps regarding the area from the reserve's headquarters in Halchiu, at 224 Bisericii Street.

If you wish to do bird watching or visit the ponds, you must contact the administration of the protected area.


Dumbrăviţa-Rotbav-Măgura Codlei Nature Reserve covers an area of almost 420 ha and it is an important area of nesting and stopover for many bird species.

Depending on the season, you can admire migratory species like the black stork or the black tern. Also, the reserve’s landscape is quite diverse and you will be impressed by the variation of the wetlands, like lakes and ponds, with hayfields and pastures.

Did you know?

During the migration period (spring and autumn) Dumbrăviţa-Rotbav-Măgura Codlei Nature Reserve turns into the largest wetland inside the Carpathian Mountains, with a bird population of over 20,000.

Conservation facts

Due the vulnerability of the population of bird species, the reserve is a Natura 2000 and a Ramsar Site. It represents a resting and feeding area for migratory waterfowl and a nesting habitat for various birds.

Among the problems regarding the conservation of this reserve are illegal vegetation fires, poaching, and unsuitable tourist activities.

Along the tourist trail, there are information boards in both Romanian and English regarding the various species of birds which can be observed here.