Zănoaga – Lucăcilă Nature Reserve


The Zănoaga - Lucăcilă Nature Reserve is located in Moroeni, Dâmboviţa County. You can get here by car from Sinaia to Târgovişte by taking it either through Moroeni, Glod, towards Scropoasa lake or on the DJ 714 county road, to Cuibul Dorului Cabin- Diciu Cabin, up to  Zănoaga Gorges Cabin and then on the forestry road.

The mountain trail marked with a blue cross starts from the Bucegi Palteau and comes down to Bolboci lake towards Zănoagei Gorges.


The Zănoaga - Lucăcilă Nature Reserve is part of the Bucegi Natural Park along with other nature reserves and is located in the superior basin of the Ialomiţa River. The main attraction is the Zanoagei Gorges which presents itself in two segments: Zănoaga Mică Gorges, between Bolboci Lake and Zănoaga Cabin, and further south there is the  Zănoaga Mare Gorges which reaches Scropoasa Lake. The landscape of rare beauty is pretty spectacular due to the landforms carved in the extremely eroded limestone, also the waterfalls which were created by the river and its almost vertical walls. The gorges microclimate is a warm one which allowed the development of a rich vegetation in rare species, completed by the woods and alpine meadows.

Did you know?

The massive walls of the Zănoaga Gorges can reach up to 200 m in altitude.

Conservation facts

The Zănoaga - Lucăcilă Nature Reserve has a surface of 259 ha and is a protected area of the Bucegi Natural Park. It’s an area of particular floristic, faunistic, geological, speleological and landscape interest.