Lăptici Peat Bog Nature Reserve


The Lăptici Peat Bog Nature Reserve is located in Moroeni, Dâmboviţa County.

The nature reserve can be accessed by the paved road which connects Sinaia and Padina area.

The thematic trail can be crossed in 30 minutes and it is equipped with suspended wooden pathways which are meant to protect the swamp’s vegetation. The visit is free of charge and it is closed during the winter.

Entrance fee: No.


Among the many attractions which completes the tourist scenery of the Bucegi Natural Park you will find a real vegetation paradise, the Lăptici Peat Bog Nature Reserve. This oligotroph swamp formed in the everglade of the Scândurarilor stream and is located near Bolboci Dam, at an altitude of 1500 m. The reserve’s landscape which protects various moss species and vegetation specific to a peat bog, is completed by trees and shrubs like willows, birch trees and juniper trees, and also of special floristic species such as the valerian, red clover or sedges. Hiking fans should not miss this place. The biodiversity and the scenery will fascinate them. The level of the moss in the Lăptici Peat Bog can reach 1 m in thickness in various places.

Did you know?

The Lăptici Peat Bog Nature Reserve is the only place in Romania where a relic from the glacial period-the swamp willow (Salix myrtilloides)- can still be found.

Conservation facts

The Lăptici Peat Bog Nature Reserve is a 15 ha protected area included in Bucegi Natural Park and also a 2000 Natura site.