Orzea – Zănoaga Nature Reserve


Orzea - Zănoaga Nature Reserve is located in Moroeni, Dâmboviţa County. The hiking trails start in Vânători camp near Dobreşti. It is marked with a blue cross and is appropriately arranged.


The superior basin of Ialomiţa River is filled with special nature reserves, one of these being Orzea - Zănoaga Nature Reserve included in the Bucegi Natural Park. The karst landscape which is so predominant in the reserve can be seen in various shapes such as gorges, rocky steeps and springs. In here you will find magnificent meadows and forests which shelter the special flora and fauna. The most spectacular part of the reserve are the Orza’s Gorges, located in the northern part of Scropoasa Lake. In the vertical walls of the gorges, which extend for 1.5 km, you can admire the Jurassic limestone.

Did you know?

Orza’s Gorges are considered one of most narrow gorges in Romania, formed in the early Jurassic limestone vertical walls.

Conservation facts

The Orzea - Zănoaga Nature Reserve is part of the Bucegi Natural Park and extends over 800 ha. It’s an area of particular floristic, faunistic, geological, speleological and landscape interest.