Tigăile Nature Reserve


The Tigăile Nature Reserve is found in the centre of the Ciucaş Massif near Cheia Resort, at the border of Braşov and Prahova counties. The access is done through Bratocea Pass located at the border of Braşov and Prahova counties. Accommodation can be found in Cheia resort, at the Red Mountain Lodge or the Ciucaş Lodge.

It is recommended to have enough water with you as there are no water resources up the mountain.


If you look up from the Teleajen Valley, the Ciucaş Massif will seem to you like a fortress, and the rock formation known as Tigăile might as well be considered the bastions of this fortress. Along with other bizarre rocky formations of the Ciucaş Mountains, Tigăile Mari and Tigăile Mici are a sight not to be missed in this area. With a significant height of 100 m, the Tigăile rock complex are like gigantic towers frozen in time. Here you will enjoy marvelous sceneries and you will be able to make dozens of photographs which will seem like something out of a fairy tale.

Did you know?

In the Tigăile Nature Reserve area, the silver thistle is found, which is specific to the Ciucaş Massif.

Conservation facts

The Tigăile Nature Reserve is a geomorphological, faunistic, floristic and landscape reserve, declared a protected area. Many of the protected flower species, such as the edelweiss, the feathered pink, blue clips and the Hungarian Iris have been greatly endangered by irresponsible tourism practiced in this area. The nature reserve is included in the site of community importance - Ciucaş.