The Black Tower in Braşov


The Black Tower is located on the Warthe Hill in Braşov, Braşov County. It is situated in the forest, on a footpath right in the middle between the Warthe Alley and După Ziduri Alley.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-18:00.

Entrance fee: Yes.


The Black Tower of Braşov citadel was built in the 14th century. The tower received its name, as the Black Church, after a big fire blackened its walls. With a height of 11 meters and a strategic position on the Warthe Hill, the tower has galleries on three floors given it a significant role of defence and surveillance. Inside the tower you can visit an exhibition of the History Museum showing items belonging to the various guilds which used to live in the citadel. The tower is very attractive even at night since it is highlighted with an impressive lighting system.

Did you know?

In 1689 the tower was very affected by the great fire which demolished the whole Braşov citadel. The fire blackened the tower’s walls and this is how it received its name.

Conservation facts

Now the Black Tower is a well highlighted tourist attraction after thorough renovations which started in 1995. A glass roof is protecting its walls, and in 2000 its interior was renovated, which enabled the tower to enter the tourist circuit and falling under the patronage of the Braşov County History Museum.