Piatra Craiului National Park


The Piatra Craiului National Park is located in the Southern Carpathian Mountains, in the Braşov and Argeş counties. In Zărneşti there is a modern visiting centre belonging to the National Park and also a museum dedicated to this entire area.

Entrance fee: Yes

The entrance fee can be paid at the visiting centre (150 Topliţa Street, Zărneşti), at the Zărneşti Post Office (12A Tiberiu Spârchez) or at Plaiul Foii Cabin, but also online here


Piatra Craiului National Park, one of the most visited national parks in Romania, astounds with its unique landscapes and its large number of species of flora and fauna.

This national park will certainly dazzle you with its wild landscapes which look as if they were placed by a magic wand such as the Dâmbovicioara Gorges, Zărneşti Gorges, Bats’ Cave or Brusturel Gorges.

The multicolored alpine meadows, the traditional villages, Piatra Craiului’s fascinating and lonely ridge and the symbol of the National Park, Dianthus callizonus-an endemic flower which is unique in the world, are the elements which complete the spectacle of nature.

Here you have the opportunity to adventure along 45 marked trails and to admire over 40 species of mountain orchids, along other protected species like the yellow poppy, wild gladiolus and the alpenrose. During your visit here you will also discover that Piatra Craiului National Park is home to 40% of 100 identified animal species in Romania. You have a chance to encounter chamois, stags or even bears here.   

Did you know?

Some scenes from the movie “Cold Mountain”, starring Renee Zellweger and Nicole Kidman were shot in Zărneşti Gorges.

Rammstein also shot some of the scenes here for their „Rosenrot“ video.

Conservation facts

The park covers an area of 14,766 ha and is a Natura 2000 Site. Within its area there is also a full protected area (104 ha) and a cave, the Bats’ Cave, designated a speleological nature reserve.