The Red Mountain


The Red Mountain is located in the Ciucaş Mountains, at the border of Braşov and Prahova counties. The access is done via DN 1A National Road, Ploieşti – Cheia, from where a road will take you up to the Red Mountain. The route from Cheia to Red Mountain takes about an hour and a half.

You can relax at the Red Mountain Lodge where you can eat and spend the night.


In June the Red Mountain, located in Ciucaş Massif, is invaded by passionate photographers.  

It is a unique area in Romania and blooming rhododendron offer a beautiful scenery which is not to be missed. This is in fact where the Red Mountain got its name. The flowers of a rare beauty and the unique scent transforms the Red Mountain into an open stage where the spectacle of nature shows itself in all its glory.

Fairytale-like sceneries can be admired at every turn. The Rhododendron is celebrated in the Cheia village at the beginning of June during a festival devoted entirely to the wonderful flower.

Did you know?

The Rhododendron is also known as alpenrose. 

Conservation facts

The Rhododendron is a rare and protected plant in the Romanian Carpathians. The Rhododendron from the Ciucaş Mountains Reserve is only found in the Ciucaş Massif on an area of 2 ha. Since it is a nature’s monument, it’s forbidden to pick it the flower and you can even be fined.