Ialomiţa Cave


The cave is located in Ialomiţa cave alley in Moroeni, Dâmboviţa County.

You can arrive to the cave by train: Buşteni railway station - Buşteni cable car - Babele - Peştera cable car.

By car you can get here from Bucharest-Sinaia (on DN1 road to Târgovişte)-Cuibul Dorului Cabin-Şaua Dichiului-Bolboci-Diana-Padina-Ialomiţa Cave.

Entrance fee: Yes.  

Oficial site here.



Ialomiţa Cave, one of the most well-known caves in Romania, is located in the wild gorge of Ialomiţa, at approximately 10 km from its springs. Carved in the limestone relief of Bătrâna (Old Lady) Mountain at about 1 600 m altitude, the cave has just one level.

The cave is  1 128 m long but only about 450 m is open to the public. Inside you will be amazed by the alternation of narrow galleries with big halls, the most impressive being the Bear’s Hall. The cave can be visited up to the Altar, named inspired by the numerous stalactites.

But before experiencing the spectacular atmosphere of the cave, you will encounter the Ialomiţa Monastery at the entrance. This natural wonder has been guarding the cave for many centuries. The serenity and the seclusion from civilization has attracted the first hermits in the 15th century, building here a cell which was devastated by fire several times.

Did you know?

In the Ialomiţa Cave, cave bear skeletons were discovered which are assumed to have been 10 000 years old.

Conservation facts

The cave has been closed for rehabilitation and it was opened in the summer of 2015. The work done in the cave involved the rebuilding of the electrical installations, access ways to the cave, bridges and interior stairs.