The City Hall


The Council House is located at 30 Piaţa Sfatului in Braşov, Braşov County.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-18:00.

Entrance fee: Yes


The Council House is the symbol and touristic landmark of Braşov. Its history dates back to the 15th century, when the foundations for the watch tower are being laid.

In time the building went through many changes which can also be noticed in the various architectural styles: Gothic at the base, Renaissance and Baroque at the top.

The tower has a clock on all four sides, and now the old bell was also restored. For a long time this served as the city hall and from 1950 is the home of the Historical County Museum.

Did you know?

Council House was also known as the Trumpeter's Tower because in the Middle Ages you would hear about the latest major events happening in the city from this tower.

Conservation facts

Saved from demolition at the beginning of 20th century, the Council Hall went through the last architectural change during 1909-1910 when the Baroque roof was replaced with the one with the colored tiles.