Daffodils’ Glade Nature Reserve


The reserve is located near Vad village in Braşov County.

The path to the glade is hard to find because there is no sign to guide you there. The 3 km long rocky road starts in Vad. You can get to the reserve by car, bicycle or on foot.


The Daffodils’ Glade from Dumbrava Vadului or Pădurea Vadului represent a protected area of national interest, situated 60 km from Braşov. During springtime, the glade is flooded with thousands of daffodils. These are locally known as “coprine”. The 400-ha reserve is full of oak forests and daffodils glades. Here you also have the chance to admire over 360 species of butterflies and 120 species of birds. The daffodils, the stars of the glades, can be admired on May 21st when they are celebrated at the Daffodils’ Festival. On this occasion the locals together with the tourists, enjoy the events and the folk performances.

Did you know?

Due to its 400 ha, the Daffodils’ Glade Nature Reserve represents the largest reserve of its kind in Europe.

Conservation facts

Daffodils Glade Nature Reserve is a Natura 2000 Site.

The picking of daffodils is forbidden by law. Even so the site suffers from uncontrolled tourist activities like the illegal collection of flowers, vandalism and uncontrolled waste disposal.