Manuc Inn


Manuc’s Inn is located at 62-64 Franceza Street, Bucharest.

Entrance fee: No.


Manuc’s Inn is a landmark of Bucharest and was one of the most famous inns from its time. Built at the beginning of the 19th century by a wealthy Armenian merchant named Manuc Bei Marzaian, the inn was erected in a Brâncovenian style with large wooden balconies and stairs, and an interior courtyard with a garden and an artesian fountain. The inn had 15 cellars, 23 shops on the ground floor, two big halls, ten storehouses, sixteen servant rooms, four rooms on the sides, and a tunnel with 107 rooms and offices.

During the Russian-Turkish wars (1806-1812) the inn was alternatively occupied by both troops. After the war it was a modern centre for balls, theatre shows and special dinners.

Did you know?

It was here that the peace talks for the Russian-Turkish war took place and it was also here where the talks about Romania entering World War I happened. Up until 1916, this was the headquarters of all political parties.

Conservation facts

Manuc’s Inn has withstood the test of time due to the restoration works which helped to preserve its original architecture. After the last renovations a restaurant was opened with an interior garden.