Bucharest Free Tour – Old Town Legends & Stories

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28 July 2020 10:30 - 30 June 2021 13:00+40771093033Free tour - tips are appreciatedBucharest Piaţa Sfântul Anton 64, București 030167, România

Medieval history is often filled with violence and bloodshed and Bucharest was no different. Brave warriors and cruel rulers have risen and fallen in the former county of Wallachia.

Join us to discover the stories behind the buildings in the famous Old Town of Bucharest.

A city founded by a shepherd, Bucharest was always a buffer between the West and the East. Some of the oldest structures in Bucharest are to be found in the Old Town.

For example, this is where the former fortifications from the Dark Ages used to be, as well as the residence of one of the most infamous people in history – Vlad Dracula. You will find out the gruesome tales about this man’s life and the story behind the vampire myth.

This tour will also show the link between Romania and the Roman Empire, while also discussing another fascinating ancient civilization that lived on this territory.

Besides this, you will uncover how Bucharest developed throughout the centuries from a small market town to a major center for trade in the South-East of Europe and then a thriving cosmopolitan city nicknamed ‘the Paris of the East’.

Medieval inns , cobblestone streets, brave princes and great battles in the City of Dracula! Who would want to miss this tour?

And the best part: it’s a free walking tour!