Romanian Athenaeum


The Romanian Athenaeum is located at 1-3 Franklin Street in Bucharest.

Entrance fee: Yes.



The Romanian Athenaeum is beyond any doubt one of the symbol monuments of Bucharest, prevailing over George Enescu Square for over 120 years.

The architectural style is a combination of neoclassic and eclectic elements while the columns are a reminder of the Greek ionic temples. The concert hall is adorned with a fabulous impressive fresco which portrays important episodes from the Romanian history.

With a capacity of almost 1000 people and excellent acoustic, this is the place where the most prodigious events and festivals take place like George Enescu Festival.

Did you know?

The Romanian Athenaeum was built on the foundations of former stables built by the Romanian Equestrian Society.

Since the costs were quite high, City Hall raised the money through a fundraising campaign which had a slogan that said: “Give a Leu (means "Lion" but it’s actually the Romanian currency) for the Atheneum”, i.e. „Daţi un leu pentru Ateneu“. This became very popular and it helped to complete the palace.

Conservation facts

The state of conservation is good after the restoration work in 2004. In 2007 the Athenaeum was included in the European Heritage list.