The Bucharest National Theater


The Bucharest National Theater is located in the Universităţii Square, Bucharest.

Entrance fee: No.


Established in 1836 under the name of “Philharmonic's Society”, the Bucharest National Theater I. L. Caragiale is today one of the national cultural symbols. Over the course of time, numerous plays from the Romanian and universal dramaturgy have been staged in the seven theater halls.

Today the institution is a culture hub where, besides theater, many exhibitions and lectures are being organized.

The theater  hosts several events, like national and international theater festivals which take place here annually.

Did you know?

The first building that used to host the National Theater was a 1852 baroque building destroyed during World War II. A hotel was erected in its place that incorporated in its design a reconstruction of the entrance of the old National Theatre building.

Conservation facts

Between 1983-1984 the building was considerably altered. Its entire facade was covered in order to represent the architecture and Auster regime of the communist period. From 2012-2014, an extensive renovation process began which allowed the building to regain its original form from 1973.

This changed the entire institution transforming it in a cultural hub.