Cotroceni National Museum


The museum is located on Geniului bld 1. The museum can be visited only by groups of 15 people accompanied by a guide.

Entrance fee: Yes.

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The Cotroceni National Museum has been located in the Cotroceni Palace since 1922. After the 1989 Revolution, the palace became the headquarters of the Romanian presidency.

The Cotroceni Palace built four centuries ago is a place filled with history. This is the place where many historical treaties were signed.

Among the beautiful chambers you can also admire over 20 000 art exhibits from various art, history or archeological collections.

Don’t miss to visit the Cotroceni Church to understand and learn about its tumultuous history.

Did you know?

The Cotroceni Church was demolished in 1984 at the request of Nicolae Ceauşescu, the former dictator. In its place a swimming pool was supposed to be built. After 1990 the church was actually rebuilt in the exact same spot incorporating some of the elements from the old church.

Conservation facts

In time the Cotroceni Palace suffered many modifications, the last reconstruction taking place in 1977 after a devastating earthquake. The works were finished 10 years later. In 1994 the museum was awarded with the European Museum of the Year Award — Special Commendation 1994.