Snagov Forest


The Snagov Nature Reserve is located 40 km away from Bucharest, Ilfov County. It can be visited all year round.

Entrance fee: No.


The Snagov Forest is part of the Snagov Forest Nature Reserve and surrounds the Snagov Lake. The forest is actually part of a larger forest that used to surround Bucharest, Codrii Vlăsiei (Vlăsia’s Wood).  

With a surface area of 1 470 ha, the forest is a geobotanical and forestry nature reserve of which only 10 ha represent the protected area. Some of the tree species that can be found here are the oak, the beech, the linden tree, the ash, to which animal species are added such as the wild boars, dears, wild cats, pheasants etc.

Did you know?

In 1947 the Snagov Forest surrounding the lake was comprised  of only oak trees. These were cut off and sent to Russia as part of the war compensation. A special railway crossing through the forest was created for this purpose.

Conservation facts

Snagov Forest is a very sensitive area due to the fact that the human influence had a huge impact here.  From poaching to logging and unsuitable form of tourism, these activities had a big impact on the ecosystem.