Mogoşoaia Palace


The Mogoşoaia Palace is located in Mogoşoaia, Ilfov County. This is the perfect place for a one day trip since it just 14 km away from Bucharest.

Opening hours Monday-Sunday 8-18.

Entrance fee: yes, only for the palace.


The Mogoşoaia Palace which is located on the banks of the Mogoşoaia Lake, is a beautiful architectural ensemble built in 1702 in the Brâncovenian style with Baroque and Eastern influences.

This was the summer residence of the Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu and it includes the palace with its gardens and annexes such as the kitchen, ice house and a guest house.

In 1957 Mogoşoaia Palace was transformed into the Brâncovenian Art Museum, and nowadays there are over 300 exhibits which can be admired such as vintage fabrics, carpets, embroidery and books with ornamented covers.

There are several events that take place here annually such as the Mogoşoaia ClasicFest, but you can also come here and just enjoy a nice picnic with your family.

Before entering the complex you will have the chance to admire the St George Church, also built in the Brâncovenian style.

Did you know?

Between the two World Wars the Mogoşoia Palace was a well-known cultural place, having as guests great personalities such as Antoine de Saint Exupéry or Marcel Proust.

Conservation facts

The palace went through a lot of renovations which also resulted in many decorations being added, such as the Venetians elements in the facades. The actual look of the palace is the result of works done between 1930-1935.

Today the architectural complex is in a very good state of conservation, and the yard and the gardens are properly arranged.