The Romanian Peasent Museum


The Romanian Peasant Museum is located at 3 Şoseaua Kiseleff, Bucharest.

The museum has a souvenir shop that sells handcrafted traditional items from ceramic objects to wood and textile items, also icons painted on wood and glass.

Entrance fee: Yes.

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The Romanian Peasant Museum’s history starts in 1906.  It was moved to its current location which is a beautiful neo Romanian building, in 1912. During the communist period it was actually a museum dedicated to the Communist Party and Nicolae Ceauşescu.

In the 1990s it became the National Romanian Peasant Museum. Its purpose was to study and present the life of a Romanian village and peasant.

The extremely rich collections include various items such as ceramics, fabrics, wood items and traditional Romanian costumes, and even religious artifacts, all presented in an attractive manner.

The museum has multiple uses so you will have the opportunity to participate in various cultural activities like concerts, theater festivals, book launches, movies, or traditional fairs, temporary exhibitions and antique fairs.

Did you know?

The Romanian Peasant Museum has the largest collection of folklore items in Romania, around 90 000 articles.

Conservation facts

Between 2016-2017 the museum was restored. In 1996 the museum received the European Museum of the Year Award.