The Palace of Parliament


The Palace of Parliament is located at 2-4 Izvor Street, Bucharest. It is necessary to have identification with you in order to enter the building.

Entrance fee: Yes.


The Palace of Parliament is located in the centre of Bucharest, on the right bank of Dâmboviţa River. The construction of the impressive building was started in 1984 at the order of Nicolae Ceauşescu, having the old and picturesque Uranus neighbourhood destroyed in order to fulfill his big ambitions. The building has almost 1 000 rooms, out of which 440 are offices, over 30 halls and saloons, 4 restaurants, three libraries, two underground parking lots and a concert hall. You will be impressed by the luxurious interiors with wide marble staircases, rich carved doors, huge chandeliers, carpets and the furniture specially commissioned or by the various mosaics. Besides the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of Romania, the building also hosts the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Did you know?

According to the Guinness Book of world records, this building is the second largest Administrative  Building in the world, with an area of 330 000 m².  This building is second to the Pentagon which holds first place. It is even 2% larger in volume than the Keops Pyramids in Egypt.

Conservation facts

After the 1989 Revolution, the building was supposed to be destroyed in order to erase all memory of the time under Nicolae Ceauşescu’s dictatorship. But it didn't happen so today due to its history and size it represents a major tourist attraction.