Cişmigiu Park


The park is located on Elizabeth Avenue, Bucharest.

Entrance fee: No.


Cişmigiu Park is the oldest public garden in Bucharest. Its name is derived from the word „cişmea“ which means “fountain”, as there used to be two fountains here before the park was constructed. In 1847 Wilhelm Mayer, the former director of the Imperial Garden in Vienna, began to arrange the park inspired by the English gardens. Stretching over 16 ha the green oasis located in the middle of the capital attracts people with its large alleys, artificial grottos, flower beds and rare tree species.

Some of the most interesting attractions are “La Cetate” (At the Citadel), the French Hero monument, or the Writers Rotonda, where there are several busts of famous Romanian authors such as Mihai Eminescu, Alexandru Odobescu or Ion Luca Caragiale. In the summer you can enjoy a boat ride on the lake while during the winter an ice rink is set up on the lake.

Did you know?

“La Cetate” (At the Citadel) are actually the ruins of an old monastery build in 1756. According to the legends there was a secret tunnel connecting the monastery to the Kretzulescu Palace located at that time on the bank of the Dâmboviţa River.

Conservation facts

The state of conservation of the Cişmigiu Park is a good one, as thousands of people come here daily to relax.