The Herăstrău Park


The Herăstrău Park is located between Kiseleff Street, Bucureşti-Ploieşti Street, North Street, Aviatorilor Boulevard and Mareşal Constantin Prezan Boulevard, in Bucharest.

Entrance fee: No.


The Herăstrău Park is one of the favourites spots of the people in Bucharest to relax. Founded in  1936 by King Carol II on an area of 187 ha in the northern part of the capital, the park suffered some changes over time, always expanding. Some of the most interesting attractions in the park are the Summer Theater, located near other two major attractions: The National Village Museum and the Japanese Garden. In the park you can have a stroll along its many alleys, ride a bike, or have a boat ride on the lake. There are also many special places for kids and also cafes and restaurants where you can just relax and enjoy a good coffee.

Herăstrău Park is also a venue for many festivals and events, and in the summer an outdoor cinema is set up right in the park.

Did you know?

Herăstrău Park was built in 1936 in place where there used to be a swamp. It  was drained in 1930.

Conservation facts

On the northeastern part of the lake, a Paleolithic settlement was discovered.  This discovery is the reason why the park was included in the National Archeological Repertoire. The Herăstrău Park is a historical monument.