The National Museum of Maps and Old Books


The National Museum of Maps and Old Books is located at 39 London Street, in Bucharest.

The museum proposes a series of educational routes that can be done on your own and are suitable for all ages. Educational activities for schools and kindergartens can be organized upon request.

In addition to the permanent collections, each year the museum hosts temporary exhibitions on very interesting topics.
In the museum you will find a generous offer of original souvenirs such as map reproductions, magnets, puzzle games, etc.

For more interactivity and unique experiences, the museum also launched the Museum Map - World on Map App, which is available in Android and iOS in Romanian, and soon in English.

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Entrance fee: Yes.

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Bucharest is full of remarkable museums and certainly the National Museum of Maps and Old Books is one of them. Unique in the country and among the few in the world, it will impress you as soon as you’ll enter its fascinating world of old maps, engravings and lithographs.

Housed in a beautiful interwar villa and conveniently located close to Victory Square, the museum awaits you with remarkable collections of over 1,000 objects, exhibited on three levels, grouped both geographically and historically.

The museum’s gallery offers an exciting perspective on hundreds of years of cartographic evolution, from early maps of Europe's regions during the Ottoman Empire (a precious map by Lorenz Fries from 1525) to the maps of Great Romania (1930). Beyond their scientific and historical significance, you will notice the special aesthetics of maps inspired by natural or cultural-religious elements.

One of the museum's special attractions is a map from 1595 that marks the place where an alleged treasure was buried (and never found) by the Dacian King, Decebal.

The attractiveness and the intimate travel atmosphere is also preserved by several pieces of furniture, ship models, a large terrestrial globe, or marvelous frescoes and stained glass.

What a better way to combine history and geography than a visit to the National Museum of Maps and Old Books!

Did you know?

The oldest map found in the museum is a wood engraving of Central Europe and dates back to 1525.

Conservation facts

The National Museum of Maps and Old Books, housed in a historical heritage building, opened in 2003 thanks to a private donation.

The museum's patrimony comprises over 1,000 old maps, engravings, lithographs and other artifacts.
The museum also owns old books that are not exposed for lack of space.